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Two important definitions to help you understand the commentary following some of the links below
Socialism(ist): State (government) control of the means (you and your business) and output of production (including your income). With all of the regulations and taxes created by BOTH parties over the years, its obvious that we live in a socialist society.
Fascism(ist): State and corporate powers merged to control the means and output of production. As you can see from the two definitions, fascism is simply a subset of socialism. Also; considering the influence of large corporations on government today for profit, exclusion of competition and now preventing people from rising up against all they've paid for; it's obvious that the USA has a fascist regime in control.
The only solution to fascism is to reduce government to the point where there is nothing left for anyone to buy control of with lobbying efforts. The good news is that socialism always ultimately collapses economically, and the USA will be no different. We need to help as many people as possible to understand that the solution when this government self-destructs is NOT to replace it and, instead, celebrate and defend our freedom from it.


The number of articles posted will probably be fewer and with some interruptions as other personal business dictates.

15 May 12

Jack Hunter Video: Ron Paul Has NOT Suspended His Campaign!, Daily Paul

How Horrible Will It Be For Non-Preppers?,
everyone needs to read this

Euro Area – The Wheels Are Coming Off The Wagon Again, Acting Man

200,000 Lose Unemployment Benefits This Week, Nearly Half From California, Zero Hedge

California Governor Calls for 4 Day Work Week for Government Workers, Economic Policy Journal
all of the severe proposed measures only fills half the budget hole

14 May 12

Political Paralysis in Greece, Acting Man
Greece Virtually Out Of Cash One Day Before Critical Bond Maturity, Zero Hedge
hang-on for this impact

Understanding J.P. Morgan’s Loss, And Why More Might Be Coming, The Big Picture (hat tip Economic Policy Journal)
the second landed one-two punch for the global financial system which should start to wobble

Why Going "Naked To The Strip" Means More Pain For Nat Gas Companies, Zero Hedge

The Dangers of the Fed and the Importance of Sound Money, Daily Paul
this is easily the MOST important political issue. WHEN the government self-destructs, and IT WILL, if the dollar is the only money in circulation, the economy will completely collapse. We need competing sound money in the form of gold and silver without taxation on "gains" or restrictions on its use.

Mainstream Media Admits Ron Paul Has Won At Least Five States,
and now add to that Oklahoma in a landslide convention victory after the establishment attempt to control the convention back-fired massively...
Ron Paul Oklahoma and Arizona Delegate Wins Fly in the Face of the GOP Establishment, PolicyMic
Oklahoma GOP Convention Update, Lew Rockwell

The Evolution Of The Democratic Plantation,
this is brilliant! Check out more of Larken Rose at

Amendment To NDAA Gives Military 'Clandestine Operation Authority' In Cyberspace,

Resettlement Camps For 'Domestic Civil Support Operations',

13 May 12

Fukushima Threatens The Continuation of Life as We Know It, Alex Jones
this could easily turn out to be the most important event in the history of the planet. The conditions are ripe for a massive disaster and waiting on a trigger which could happen any day. Here is a later update...
Fukushima Plumegate Cover-Up, Alex Jones
also be sure to check out the Alex Jones Channel frequently

Free-Market Medical Care, Lew Rockwell
yes, there is relief from the broken medical system and tracking of your medical records

Whale of London Speared, Acting Man
JP Morgan is now teetering as the EU is about to economically implode...
Insolvency Day in Spain, Acting Man

Germany Begins Quantifying The Cost Of A Greek Exit (And Discovers Contingent Liabilities Are All Too Real), Zero Hedge
yes, it will be too much to bear, and Greece is very small compared to Spain and Italy which are on-deck

11 Apr 12

I'm in the middle of a project that is consuming all of my spare time. The news will be back in a week or two. Meanwhile, here's some food for thought:

25 Must Know Skills For Surviving The Coming Nightmare,

1-2 Apr 12

Burn Down Detroit?, Acting Man
you've got to see the first video clip embedded in this article. This is where the entire country will be led by the socialism of the welfare/warfare state by BOTH branches of what has become "the party"

Massive $17 Trillion Hole Found In Obamacare, Zero Hedge

Chicago PMI Misses As Survey Respondents Warn Oil Price Shock "Tipping Point Fast Approaching", Zero Hedge

American Spending Goes Into Overdrive As Savings Plunge To 2008 Levels, Zero Hedge

Times Three: That's How Much The BLS Upwardly Fudges Data During An Election Year, Zero Hedge

Gasoline Prices Approach Highest Ever; Who is to Blame?, Mish Shedlock

LTRO Fail – Euro Area Credit and Money Supply Shrinks, Acting Man

European Bailout Stigma Shifts From Banks To Sovereigns As Bundesbank Refuses PIG Collateral, Zero Hedge

Spain – Still the EU’s Main Fount of Bad News, Acting Man

Violence, Firebombings Erupt as Spain Announces €27 Billion Deficit-Cutting Plan; Spanish Economy Will Implode; Spain Headed for Bond Revolt and Bailouts, Mish Shedlock
looking like a heated summer in Spain

Portugal’s Insolvent Town Halls and the Trouble with Greece’s New Bonds, Acting Man

The True French Debt To GDP: 146%, Zero Hedge
and the USA is far worse calculated the same way

China Manufacturing PMI™ Decreases at Second-Fastest Rate in Three Years, Mish Shedlock
Political and Financial Crisis Continues to Intensify in China, Economic Policy Journal

BRICs Bank To Rival World Bank And IMF And Challenge Dollar Dominance, Zero Hedge
count on the sociopaths who call themselves US government to attack the brics in some way to try and protect the dollar's reserve currency status, regardless of how much they have to print to do it. When the day comes that entire world recognizes they shouldn't conduct international transactions in over-printed dollars, the enormous supply of dollars held around the world will meet collapsing demand and their purchasing power will act accordingly. This is a far more massive monetary instability than any of the others that caused hyperinflation. Furthermore, today's dependency on technology that will also collapse will make the societal disaster far worse than the Weimar Germany experience documented so well in "When Money Dies" by Adam Fergusson.

This Time Is No Different - Reflections On 1929 Optimism, Zero Hedge
check out this historical video

Central Bank to Defuse Financial Threats It Creates, Acting Man

Fast Forward Through Fiat's Fantastic Fabrications, Zero Hedge

Stocks Odd Man Out As Every Other Asset Class Has Now Faded LTRO2, Zero Hedge

27 Mar 12

Quadruple Dip: Housing Relapses As "March Is Turning Out To Be The Weakest Month Since Last October Re: Buyer interest", Zero Hedge

And 14 of 16 On Dallas Fed Miss, Zero Hedge

Government Explained, Graham P Wright
this is excellent

Welcome To The United States of Orwell, Part 1: Our One Last Chance to Preserve the Bill of Rights, Zero Hedge

TBTF Get TBTFer: Top 5 Banks Hold 95.7%, Or $221 Trillion, Of Outstanding Derivatives, Zero Hedge
the conditions for economic disaster are now more ripe than ever

Presenting The US Economy's Coming Fiscal Cliff, Zero Hedge
regardless of who is elected, there will be a LOT of pain after the election

Forget Money On The Sidelines, Institutional Investors Are All-In, Zero Hedge
one of the most contrary of indicators, because the exits will be far too small when needed

Obama vs. Ryan: Budget Showdown - Deficit and Total Debt Projections Through 2021 - Interactive map; Path to Prosperity or Path to Ruin?, Mish Shedlock

EU Gas Now Over $10: Charting The Global Gas Pump Price Shock, Zero Hedge

25-26 Mar 12

The First Crack: $270 Billion In Student Loans Are At Least 30 Days Delinquent, Zero Hedge

Gasoline Price Hits Record $4.67 in Chicago, Economic Policy Journal
this is the most important economy killing headwind for the Fed to actually resume serious printing

The Fed Is Losing The "Race To Debase", Zero Hedge
the 30-yr treasury rate is low enough, but...
Mortgage Rates Start to Climb, Economic Policy Journal
also, the dollar is still a bit too weak along with still high price inflation, especially for oil. So some economic/market correction is still needed for the Fed to have the needed room for policy. Time is running out to accomplish this before impacting Obama's re-election, possibly due to fear of Ron Paul getting enough economic ammo to win a "brokered" GOP convention. Those are the Fed's proverbial rock and hard place. His best option is probably to try and talk-up the market while actually tightening policy, which the stock market is likely to see through after the knee-jerk response...
Futures, Precious Metals Soar As Bernanke Says More "Accommodative" Policies Needed, Hints At "The New QE", Zero Hedge
while the smart money already says...
Long End Decouples On Risk Of Constant Central Planning Failure, Zero Hedge
then again, never forget that he is a sociopath and his fear of Ron Paul is probably the dominant one. So...
What It's All About, Zero Hedge
political survival

Note The Odd Labor Market Out, Zero Hedge
the most manipulated metric stands out

6000 Gallons Of Pure Water Anyone In The Family Can Carry,

Property Tax Revolution in North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan; It's Our Home Not Theirs!, Mish Shedlock

Ryancare Is Just as Bad as Obamacare, Economic Policy Journal

Pot, Kettle and the Bailout Fund, Acting Man
Portugal’s Insolvent Town Halls and the Trouble with Greece’s New Bonds, Acting Man

ECB Shoots First, Conducts Analysis Of LTRO Inflationary Impact Later, Zero Hedge
confirmed act of desperation

24 Mar 12

Free Stuff, hat tip Donn
this is great and arrived in an email after circulating since about last August

The Bernank’s Misguided Mission, Acting Man
an outstanding response to the CYA PR campaign of late, focused mainly on the young and easily misled product victims of public "education" which largely lack the other side of the argument and/or critical thinking skills to defend themselves against such non-sense

Where Did All The Money Go? Here!, Zero Hedge
does this look like a vote of confidence in the future by non-fin corporates? or the people...
Fourth Largest Gun Maker In US Is Out Of Guns, Zero Hedge

Please Highlight The Housing Recovery On The Following Chart, Zero Hedge
the banks, including the Fed, are bankrupt because of the loss of collateral value for their mortgage holdings, and ZIRP has totally failed to fix it

MF Global CEO Jon Corzine Personally Ordered Illegal Raiding of Customer Funds, Washington's Blog
looks like the sociopath global financial elites are being forced  to sacrifice one of their own

Big Banks Continue to Suck at the Government Teat With Never-Ending Stealth Bailouts, Washington's Blog
"Open-Ended Bailouts Are Continuing"

Even More Evidence of a China Hard Landing, Economic policy Journal

European Crisis Explanation... For Dummies From Greeks, Zero Hedge
the rest of the story, meanwhile the "smart" guys continue (futile) efforts to save themselves from financial collapse...
Is The ECB BTP Buying Spree Back?, Zero Hedge
and their crony banks are slammed...
LTRO Stigma Reaches All-Time High, Zero Hedge
meanwhile the EU economic gangrene is reaching the vitals...
3 Charts On Why Eurosis Never Really Went Away, Zero Hedge
and the can hardly moves when kicked...
Eurosis Is Back As "New" Greek Bonds Break 20%, Slide 14% In 2 Days, Zero Hedge

Fat Finger Halts, Unhalts AAPL Shares Which Hit $542.80, Zero Hedge
after sooooo much manipulation, the markets are sooooo broken...
SkyNet Is Now Cannibalizing Itself: BATS IPO Flash Crashes, Zero Hedge
BATS Exchange Declares Self-Help Against... Itself; Trading Halted "Until Further Notice", Zero Hedge

Ron Paul Does Best Against Obama in New Poll!, Economic Policy Journal
and the recent comment by a top Romney campaign leader will help...
New Ron Paul Ad: Etch A Sketch, Daily Paul

6 months later: no White House, DOJ explanation for assassinating Americans at will, Washington's Blog

Cover up in Afghanistan: U.S. trained Afghans have murdered 200 of our troops, Daily Paul

23 Mar 12

FedEx Lowers Outlook Due to Tepid Economic Growth, Mish Shedlock

Stress Test – FHA, Acting Man
your tax dollars

Hammer Ready To Drop on Supplement Industry After Presidential Election, Lew Rockwell
the fascists at work, again

China, Russia Voice "US In Iran" Ire, Zero Hedge
it would be wonderful if threats by China and Russia against the evil empire and/or its cronies attacking Iran were able to stop it from happening. Here's what their efforts today accomplished...
WTI Drops Most In 3 Months, Zero Hedge
and it could easily drop a LOT further if the money printing stops, before it goes a LOT higher when the Fed prints the dollar into oblivion

Spain Remains in Focus, Acting Man
and Greece is returning quickly after the shortest reprieve that $Billions in printed money have bought so far.

How the NSA Will Use Your Emails and Phone Calls Against You, Economic Policy Journal

7 Kitchen Essentials That Deserve To Be On Your Preparedness Shelves, Ready Nutrition (hat tip Lew Rockwell)
this is an excellent website

22 Mar 12

What Kind Of Power Should Government Have Over Your Life?,
the most important thing posted today

Initial Claims Beat Expectations, To Miss Next Week Following Revision, Zero Hedge
including the rest of the story

Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Corporate Welfare, Economic Policy Journal
spot-on, and this is one of the biggest beneficiaries of corporate welfare...
The Evils of Monsanto, Daily Paul

Dismantling the Empire: America's Last Best Hope (American Empire Project), by Chalmers A. Johnson (Aug 17, 2010)
just finished this short book. The information it provides is outstanding. Disregard the socialist recommendations and you'll have a wonderful read or listen.

Geithner Extends Fiscal Incontinence Plea to Europe, Acting Man (the best economy and market blog, by far)
brilliant Austrian explanation of why government fiscal spending to stimulate the economy are failing.

"End Of The Road" - A Teaser, Zero Hedge
check this out

The Ascendence Of Sociopaths In US Governance, Zero Hedge
serious food for thought

"Dumb Money" Refuses To Be The Dumb Money For Yet Another Week, Zero Hedge

Deutsche Dumps Dodd - How Germany's Biggest Bank Ran Circles Around The Fed, Zero Hedge

Europe's 'Success Story' Double Dips: Irish Economy Re-Contracts, As Predicted, Zero Hedge

A Slowdown in China, and Ill-timed Socialist Interventions in Australia, Acting Man
including an addendum at the end about the most recent housing disappointment

1001 Moonless Kinetic Nights: Presenting The Windows Of Opportunity For An Iranian Attack, Zero Hedge

21 Mar 12

Presenting The High Cost Of Armageddon Avoidance, Zero Hedge
spending this massive/historic amount has only been able to delivery a meager "recovery", and when the intervention even slows, the recession (or next of the more frequent and intense waves of the rolling depression) will be far worse than 2008, because the only Fed/government solution remaining will destroy the economy with more socialism/fascism and destroy the money with printing and loss of confidence/status for the global reserve currency.

The Simple Problems Of Too Much US Debt, Zero Hedge
putting the debt in perspective, assuming the Fed doesn't continue to monetize debt until it destroys the currency (which it likely will), meanwhile...
Treasuries Snap Longest Ever Losing Streak, Zero Hedge
because the higher rates are intolerable for the government, the Fed drives down rates from these peaks either by printing or letting the economy correct which causes a flight to safety reduction in rates. In 75% of the prior 8 cases, the latter was the case and equities fell, including the fall. The deciding factor is whether price inflation is low enough to allow money printing. It's hard to see how today's price inflation would allow the printing option...
Highest Price Ever of Gasoline in March; State-by-State Gas Price and Gas Tax Comparison, Mish Shedlock
meanwhile, rates have risen enough to kill the real-estate "recovery"...
So Long Housing - Mortgage Applications Collapse, And Sentiment Update, Zero Hedge
in a nutshell...
HOT: Bernanke in Panic, Economic Policy Journal

$450 Billion In ZIRPorized Purchasing Power: Two Charts That Explain The Baby Boomer Dilemma, Zero Hedge

Mortgage Settlement? Not So Fast!, Zero Hedge
investors are trying to fight back against the government's (49 state Attorney Generals) violation of the rule of law. Ultimately, the government's own courts will rule in favor of the government (against the rule of law which is only meant for its subjects), as usual. The only real solution is government's self-destruction, which is proceeding nicely and will accelerate after the election if Ron Paul isn't president...
Mitt Romney Proposes $8 Trillion Welfare Program for Defense Contractors; Prepare for Two Wars if Romney Wins, Mish Shedlock

Are Big Crude Price Swings Coming?, Zero Hedge
file this with the rest of the preparations for a more serious war, starting in Iran, which will precipitate the economic downfall of the evil empire and a very historic global economic calamity
Top 5 Places NOT To Be When The Dollar Collapses,

Saudi Arabia Aims to Deliver "Wall of Oil" to US; Oil Minister Says "High Oil Prices Unjustified" ; Highest March Price in History; Republicans Say Obama Not Doing Enough, Mish Shedlock
Prices will continue to rise until a serious global economic downturn or ending at least 1 thing from the list at the end of this article

Soviet Leader: Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Caused the Collapse of the USSR, Washington's Blog
It's important to understand that system failure are caused by existing conditions that create the unfavorable environment (excessive debt to pay for things like over-extended evil empire and other massive Keynesian efforts to prevent economic cleansing) and a triggering event, like Chernobyl or Fukushima. Interestingly, like a nuclear critical mass, when unfavorable conditions are widespread (global debt crisis), one triggered failure (like economic collapse of one of the largest economies in the world in Japan) can then become the trigger for further failures (economic collapses all over the globe). A consequential increase in Japanese bond rates by only 1% due to inflation would be enough to complete the trigger.

Halfway to Recovery, Three Quarters of the Way to Default; LTRO Exit?, Acting Man

US Taxpayers Commence Bailing Out ECB, With Greece As Intermediary, Zero Hedge

Portugal's Tragic Cost Of "Remarkable" Troika Compliance, Zero Hedge
"During February, there were 20% more deaths than normal"

20 Mar 12

New Restaurant Index Suggests Improving Economy, Economic Policy Journal
actually "improved" (past tense) seems more appropriate as the Fed's massively expensive boomlet is about due to implode, leaving the capital structure far more wrecked than in 2008.

Based On This Chart, Can Saudi Arabia Bail Out The US Motorist From $5 Gas?, Zero Hedge

No Housing Recovery On This Chart Either, Zero Hedge
RIP Housing? The Trade Off To Rising Rates, Zero Hedge

Gold & Gold Stocks – An Update, Acting Man
these could be the first to bottom in the economic collapse ahead, when the money printers crank it up again, like October 2008, after the gold/silver margin selling ends.

SKEWered, Zero Hedge
what's ahead this time will be worse than 2008, because the Fed/government have shot nearly all their economic manipulation ammo

Do High Yield Bonds Know Something Stocks Don't?, Zero Hedge

Party On Dudes! The Latest from Euroland, Acting Man

IMF and ECB Bailouts "Created" Huge Bondholder Losses; More Haircuts Coming Up, Mish Shedlock

Portugal: Another Significant Miss, And Another 140% Debt/GDP Case Study, Zero Hedge

Carmageddon: European New Car Sales Crash, Worst February in History, Mish Shedlock

On Belgium's 140% Debt/GDP, Zero Hedge

19 Mar 12

Obama Implementing Martial Law Coup!, Alex Jones
more on this and more, for real folks

Texas Mayor Officially Cancels Agenda 21 Membership,
Bravo! Tulsa needs to do the same so that Oklahoma won't be anywhere on the UN's Agenda 21 ("Sustainable Development") list. The implications of Agenda 21 are clearly shared in the article and. especially, the last video embedded in the article. A high resolution version of the map shown in the video is available HERE (1992), plus a more recent version from 2004 without cities shown.

Stress Test Farce Shows Bank Shares Still Are Not Cheap, Mish Shedlock

Is There a Bubble in Treasuries? Both Sides of the Case; Explaining the 2011 Treasury Rally (It's Not What You Think); Where to From Here?, Mish Shedlock
I expect rates to crash with everything else, and then skyrocket when the world loses confidence in the Fed

UPDATE: Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in currencies other than the dollar from March 20, Daily Paul
the two linked articles put the pieces of this situation together nicely. this is NOT about nuclear weapons and is ALL about US forcing dollar hegemony on the world to preserve its reserve currency status, so it can continue its evil global empire paid for with worthless printed fiat money, and continue consuming far beyond its means as measured in true capital wealth (which it has also been consuming for decades). The collapse when the US dollar finally falls from global grace will look a lot like Adam Fergusson's account of Weimar Germany in "When Money Dies", and quite possibly far worse if the grid goes down with everything else, which it easily could, for a very long time, resulting in the collapse of society and the death of a large fraction of the US population.

The Chinese Economic Crash Continues to Develop, Economic Policy Journal

18 Mar 12

President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources, Examiner
THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE. What is this sociopath planning??!!! and it's not just a likely war of aggression against Iran. Let's start with a clarification that's gone viral regarding some recent propaganda...
Kony 2012 Video is Misleading, You Tube
and next the rest of the story...
Secrets KONY 2012 Is Desperate to Hide, Alex Jones
yes, this is real

James Grant Says Bond Market Is "Bubble of Modern Banking, a Desert of Value; Gold a Reciprocal Faith in Bernanke"; Time for an "Office of Unintended Consequences?", Mish Shedlock
Ron Paul's choice for the last Fed Chair is always a great interview

On March 17, Here Are 17 Charts Summarizing The US Energy Situation, And Open Thread, Zero Hedge

“We Are This Far From A Turnkey Totalitarian State" - Big Brother Goes Live September 2013, Zero Hedge
this is amazing and very disturbing. Another great reason to use cash as much as possible, especially with locally owned businesses, to keep transactions out of the government's data. You can at least make it very very difficult for Big Brother to intercept your communications with the following outstanding 256 bit encryption service for $10/mo
above all, don't make it easy for Big Brother with one of these (now confirmed by the government)...
Americans Embrace "Smart" Gadgets Used to Spy on Them, Alex Jones

Free Yourself from the Regime, Lew Rockwell
"Gerald Celente talks to Lew Rockwell about the moral and economic responsibility of every individual in these times."

Imperial Domination Over a Nation of Sheep, Lew Rockwell
"Mark Carbonaro of KION Monterey, CA, asks Lew Rockwell about our indoctrination camps, our dictator president, and our forced medication through fluoride." For more on the adverse health effects of fluoridation, including early onset Alzheimer's, visit After browsing that you'll never drink tap water again. Also, the following several hour talk with John Taylor Gatto (mentioned in the interview) is outstanding...
The Origin and Evil of Public Schools, Lew Rockwell
be sure to check out Gatto's outstanding books, including his first available free online, "The Underground History of American Education"

The Rapid Descent Into Tyranny, Alex Jones
on overview

17 Mar 12

Fantastic New Ron Paul 2012 Revolution Video!, Daily Paul

Industrial Production Misses, Capacity Utilization Declines For First Time Since April 2011, Zero Hedge

CPI Climbs by Most in 10 Months, Economic Policy Journal
The Schrodinger Inflation: Ignore All Time High March Gas Prices, BLS Tells You Inflation Is Lower Than Expected, Zero Hedge
calculated as before the political tinkering, reports inflation at just over 10%. Even using the government numbers (lies)...
Real Hourly Earnings Decline in February, Mish Shedlock

Gallup Struggles to Explain BLS Jobs Data, Mish Shedlock

"You Are Here", Zero Hedge
I think we may actually be a wee bit further to the right

Gasoline Price is $4 or More for Almost One-Third of Drivers, Economic Policy Journal
plus, a short explanation of why the gasoline price is so sensitive to money printing...
Crude Oil Up $2.00 per Barrel, Economic Policy Journal

Brent At $126 As Israel Security Cabinet Votes 8 To 6 To Attack Iran, Zero Hedge
meanwhile Obama is parking THREE (sitting duck) aircraft carriers offshore Iran hoping the stupid electorate (that votes for Wall Street whore Romney, nut job Santorum and amoral Gingrich) will blame the loss on Iran after an Israeli strike, instead of the evil empire that has bullied them for decades and just had its puppet militarily attack them. Meanwhile, the financial attacks escalate in an effort to cause Iran to become desperate, just like Japan before Pearl Harbor...
Squeezing Iran BIG TIME, Economic Policy Journal

COVER UP: Up To 20 US Troops Behind Kandahar Blood Bath - Afghan Probe, Daily Paul
another excellent example of how, in addition to bankrupting the nation, the military empire is also making US less safe. If this happened in your country, by a foreign invader (yes, that's how the vast majority there see it), would you be PISSED enough to take action against them any way you could?

Just Add Minotaur - The Greek Balance Sheet Labyrinth In All Its Insane Glory, Zero Hedge
nice bar chart showing how the EU banksters juggled the books to "save" Greece (so they could continue to feed on it), screw private investors (pensions) and enrich themselves

Spain – The Next Domino Is Getting Ready to Tumble, Acting Man
Spanish Banks Account for 47% of ECB Credit in February; Spain's Real Debt to GDP Ratio is 110% Not Reported 68%; Spain Will Implode. It's a Wonder it Hasn't Already, Mish Shedlock
and the Real Debt to GDP Ratio for the USA are far worse, propped up by the reserve currency status, making the ultimate collapse far more catastrophic than anything the EU will see

16 Mar 12

California Tax Revenues Plunge; Businesses Exit "Taxifornia" in Droves; Piecing Together the Jobs-Picture Puzzle, Mish Shedlock

Charting The Legacy Of The Baby Boomers, Zero Hedge

Today's Full Economic Data Dump: Claims, Empire Manufacturing And PPI, Where Prices Paid Literally Explodes, Zero Hedge
Philly Fed Is Out With Latest "Schrodinger" Economy Print, Zero Hedge

How Quickly Can Price Inflation Explode to the Upside?, Economic Policy Journal

Spanish Housing Re-Plunging, Zero Hedge

The Iceland Financial Renaissance Miracle Continues, Zero Hedge

Just Add Minotaur - The Greek Balance Sheet Labyrinth In All Its Insane Glory, Zero Hedge
a nice graphic of how the banksters fixed the Greek debt

Heroes and Villains – A Paean to the Money Printer-in-Chief, Acting Man

15 Mar 12

Ceridian Fuel Index Suggests "Recovery in Home Building has Not Yet Taken Hold", Mish Shedlock
meanwhile, because of all the money that's been printed and working its way into the system...
On This Day In History.... Gas Prices Have Never Been Higher, Zero Hedge

The FOMC Statement – A Comment on Current Policy and its Effects, Acting Man
the first chart is telling, and so is this...
Here Is Why The Fed Will Have To Do At Least Another $3.6 Trillion In Quantitative Easing, Zero Hedge
this is the fractional reserve banking deflation that the Fed is trying to offset, unsuccessfully, and why price inflation isn't as bad as one would expect from all the money supply inflation, which slowed significantly in January overall...
US True "Austrian" Money Supply, Forbes' Michael Pollaro

Treasuries Hammered as "Operation Twist" Unwinds; Another Triumph of the 1% Over the 99%, Mish Shedlock
however, the Goldman squid (and majority owner of the Fed and US government) is telling its "Muppet" clients to pile into this, so it must be over...
Listen Up Muppets: Goldman Wants You To Sell TYM2 - Is The Bond Sell Off Over?, Zero Hedge

VIDEO - Jack Cafferty: "The Military Industrial Complex Has Got Us By The Throat!", Daily Paul
this is brilliant

Senators Target Pharmacies That Dare To Recommend Natural Supplements,
this is what fascism looks like

Farage On Europe: Determined But Delusional, Zero Hedge
well said, and more

Dear Germans: Bring Out Ze Checkbooks, Zero Hedge

America Is Letting China Steal Our Valuable Nuclear Innovations, Washington's Blog
the US government is repressing this technology because it does not provide support for its nuclear weapons programs. Another great example of how the sociopaths that call themselves government are indeed both evil and stupid (economically in this case).

Is This The Chart That Has Bernanke So Worried?, Zero Hedge

Prepping For The Financially Challenged,
food for thought, because government WILL self-destruct and if money has not been restored to gold and silver at that time, the economic consequences will be extreme and possibly cost a large fraction of the US population their lives. This is no exageration of the down-side risks.

War Criminals Bush And Cheney Can No Longer Travel Outside The U.S.,
if only they couldn't travel beyond a small cell, except for daily simulated swims, like their thousands of victims. And Obama now deserves to be in the same cell with them...
War Criminal Obama again threatens unlawful war with Iran: who will arrest him?, Washington's Blog
with an outstanding video

14 Mar 12

Ex-Goldman Exec Comes Clean On How A "Toxic And Destructive" Goldman "Rips Its Clients Off", Zero Hedge
don't expect anything to come of this, because they own the government

Retail Sales Come In Line With Expectations, Rise 1.1% In February, Zero Hedge
'er actually a real decline

Gasoline Prices Highest Ever for This Time of Year, Economic Policy Journal

Fed Stress Test Released: Citi, SunTrust, Ally And MetLife Have Insufficient Capital, Zero Hedge
and it's probably a lot worse than the Fed is willing to advertise

VIX Plunges To 5 Year Low, Zero Hedge

"Spain Is Fine" - February Spanish Bank Borrowings From ECB Rise To Record, Zero Hedge

The Congregation of Deadbeats, Acting Man

Did LTRO's Carry Trade Engine Run Out Of Fuel?, Zero Hedge

Japan's Shocking Keynesian Slip: "We Are Worse Than Greece", Zero Hedge
this could definitely go somewhere, because it's true and Goldman can profit from the collapse

Four Big 'Troubles' In Little China, Zero Hedge

13 Mar 12

As US Rakes Largest Monthly Deficit In History, 2012 Tax Revenues Net Of Refunds Trail 2011, Zero Hedge

How Far Have Home Prices "Really" Fallen? HPI Upcoming Changes; HPI and the CPI, Mish Shedlock
and after a bubble that size, there will be a large overshoot beyond the mean to the down-side, still ahead

What's Wrong With This Picture?, Zero Hedge
what market manipulation looks like, and its stocks that will almost certainly snap-back

Japan's Debt Disaster and China’s Non-Rebalancing Act: Economic Toxic Brew Portends Currency Crisis, Mish Shedlock

Is The ECB Masking Accelerating Deposit Flight In Italy And Spain?, Zero Hedge
Encumbrance 101, Or Why Europe Is Running Out Of Assets, Zero Hedge

The Greek PSI Lawsuits Begin, Zero Hedge

Market Shorts At 4 Year Lows, In Hibernation For Second Straight Month, Zero Hedge
As If There Was No Risk Tomorrow: Complacency Hits Record As VIX Craters, Zero Hedge

Low Volatility Period Close to Ending? Credit Market Watch, March 12, Acting Man
the summary at the end is most interesting

12 Mar 12

Euro Area – The Day After, Acting Man

11 Mar 12

China Posts Biggest Trade Deficit Since 1989 As Crude Imports Surge: Is China Recycling Export Dollars Solely Into Oil?, Zero Hedge
this is very important for the US economy because it's going to keep energy prices high and cause the fed to have to somehow buy treasuries so it and the sociopaths that call themselves government can keep the illusion of "recovery" alive until after the election

The Fed's Manipulation Of The Market Is Driving TrimTabs' Charles Biderman "Even More Nuts Than He Already Is", Zero Hedge
from the guy who knows real-time what is happening with employment

The Eight Hundred Pound Greek Gorilla Enters The Room, Zero Hedge
the eurocrats probably didn't think about this, just like the Lehman oversights, and here is a nice summary of the damage...
The Greek €107 Billion Contingent Liability Gorilla Exposed, Zero Hedge
the pig only getting uglier...
Europe's Scariest Chart Just Got Scarier, Zero Hedge

10 Mar 12

Another Plunge in 3-Month Rolling Average of Petroleum and Gasoline Usage, Mish Shedlock
a strong recessionary indicator that the government can't manipulate away

US Trade Balance Worst In 39 Months With Largest 3 Month Drop In 20 Years, Zero Hedge
still trading massive amounts of printed money and millions of manufacturing jobs for stuff from other countries, until they won't accept the paper any more and the local industrial capital is largely gone that would be needed to restore the good jobs

Our "Let's Pretend" Economy: Let's Pretend "Job Growth Is Best Since 2006", Zero Hedge

NFP Prints At 227K On Expectations Of 210,000, Unemployment Rate At 8.3% Boosted By Temp Jobs, Zero Hedge
The Part-Time Economy (Redux), Zero Hedge

ISDA CDS Trigger Decision Is Unanimous, Zero Hedge
and a short while later...
As First Greek CDS "Anstalt" Appears, A Question Emerges: Did Banks Not Square Off Margins?, Zero Hedge
making one wonder how much net will become gross before the weekend revelations are over, and then how long before Greece is out of the Euro...
Greece "Credit Event" Triggers $3B in CDS Contracts; Wolfgang Schäuble Issues Another Warning to Greece; Eurozone Exit Trigger Is Cocked, Mish Shedlock

European Sovereign Ratings Update - You Are Here, Zero Hedge
snapshot of the line-up for EU defaults, for which Greece could STILL be first in line...
Greece - Round III, In Which We Learn That Greek Debt Actually INCREASED Post-Default, Zero Hedge
Greece is Sinking, Economic Policy Journal

FBI Director "Isn't Sure" Whether Americans Can Be Assassinated On U.S. Soil?,
Obama has continued the Bush/Cheney legacy and is now destroying your most basic right, to life, not to mention due process
Legal Experts Destroy Rationale for Obama’s Assassination Policy … And Slam Democrats for Supporting It, Washington's Blog

9 Mar 12

US Budget Deficit Hits All Time High In February, Zero Hedge
and to assure the funding flow from the printer to the sociopaths that call themselves government...
More Monetary Tinkering Is In Train, Acting Man
the Fed's latest trial balloon that tries to slow inflation, which instead could rapidly increase if the $1.6Trillion in "excess reserves" at the Fed start to be loaned into the economy with a multiplier over 10-fold...
The US Deleveraging Is Now Over, Zero Hedge

Initial Claims Miss Expectations, Rise For Third Consecutive Week For First Time Since August 2010, Zero Hedge

Gallup Finds February US Unemployment Jumps Most Since 2010, Third Consecutive Monthly Increase, Zero Hedge

Obama Denies Trying To Bribe Israel In Exchange For Iran Bombing Delay, Zero Hedge
confirmation of...
Obama Promises Bunker Busters To Israel If Netanyahu Delays Iran Invasion Until After US Elections, Zero Hedge

Greece Issues Statement On PSI, Says €172 Billion Of Bonds Tendered In Swap, Will Enact CACs, ISDA To Meet At 1pm To Find If CDS Trigger, Zero Hedge
swapped for new losers already trading at an 80% loss...
Greek Creditors Don't Get the Courtesy of a Reach-Around, Zero Hedge
and that's before Greece starts revealing how bad things really are to those it just convinced to retain their "investment" in it...
The Bad News Begins: Greek Q4 GDP Slide Revised Downward From -7.0% To -7.5%, Zero Hedge

The ECB Decision, Greek Debt Swap Optimism, Acting Man
including the housing bubbles the ECB is causing in some EU countries

China's slowdown takes a turn for the worse, Variant Perception (hat tip Acting Man)

Has Japan Run Out Of Cans To Kick?, Zero Hedge
some ugly charts from the country that just over 2-decades ago was feared to soon buy the world with its (fiat/fractional reserve printed illusion of) economic "strength"

8 Mar 12

35 Shocking Statistics That Prove That Things Have Gotten Worse in America, Lew Rockwell
sit down before reading this, and we can only expect things to get far worse if anyone other than Ron Paul becomes the next president...
Mitt Romney's Foolish Pledge to Re-Fight the Cold War, Mish Shedlock

Unit Labor Costs Soaring, Economic Policy Journal
the money printing is starting to also impact wages, which means even the Fed should be starting to recognize it must stop

The Bears Explain The Price Of Gas (Special GOP Primary Edition), Zero Hedge
something to share with people not conversant in economics
Oil Implications And Fed Policy, Zero Hedge

LPS Home Price Index Shows U.S. Home Prices Accelerated Decline; Psychology Change and Demographics Suggests Bubble Mentality Shattered for Decades to Come, Mish Shedlock
this is the deflation that all of the other inflation is trying to offset in vain

Jim Grant Must Watch: "Capitalism Is An Alternative For What We Have Now", Zero Hedge
this is indeed a must watch from Ron Paul's choice to replace Bernanke and shut down the Fed

Central Bank Attempt To Sucker In Retail Investors Back Into Stocks Has Failed, Zero Hedge

January Consumer Credit Surges As Government Blows Student Debt Bubble To Epic Proportions, Zero Hedge
Our "Let's Pretend" Economy: Let's Pretend Student Loans Are About Education, Zero Hedge
these students are true debt slaves to this evil government which is guaranteeing extremely irresponsible sub-subprime loans that cannot be liquidated in bankruptcy. The only good news is that the interest rate is fixed and the debt can become worthless When Money Dies, unlike credit card whose rates could go to infinity, regardless of any laws (because we have no rule of law regarding the big banks who own the government)

Iran Nuclear Site 'Clean-Up' Raises Suspicions Further, Zero Hedge
the relentless war mongering PR continues by the sociopaths that call themselves government

Debt Swap Deadline for ‘Sick Child’ Nears, Plus Credit Market Watch, Acting Man
the Greater Global Financial Crisis now has the stage set for a rousing next act as ECB bankers are being forced into a tighter policy with some leadership replacements possibly reinforcing the tone. The open Bundesbank leadership discussion of positioning for Germany to better handle an EU breakup is ominous...
The Breaking of A Taboo – An Update on the ECB-Bundesbank Rift, Acting Man
Ex-ECB's Juergen Stark Says ECB's Balance Sheet "Gigantic", Collateral Quality "Shocking", Zero Hedge
serious stuff is about to hit the fan

Greek Holdouts Buoyed By Overnight Argentina Bond Precedent, Zero Hedge

The Death of The PIIGS Illustrated, Zero Hedge

China Moves To Further Marginalize Dollar: Offers CNY-Denominated BRIC Loans, Zero Hedge
further reducing demand for the massive supply of dollars sloshing around the world. The inevitable price (value) correction for the dollar by a large part toward its intrinsic value (nothing) will look frighteningly familiar to readers of "When Money Dies".

Exposed: TSA Body Scanners are a Giant Fraud, Economic Policy Journal

Must See: Neandrethal European Union Ad, Economic Policy Journal

7 Mar 12

Obama Unveils New J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo Bailout Plan, Disguised as Mortgage Relief, Mish Shedlock
you're being robbed, again

Top Romney Adviser Wants $2.00 Plus Hike in Gas Tax, Economic Policy Journal
this might explain...
Six Romney Family Members Hit Campaign Trail… For RON PAUL, Economic Policy Journal

Panetta Says Us Will Take Military Action In Iran If All Else Fails, Zero Hedge
once Ron Paul is sufficiently disposed of by the fascist establishment, they will be able to safely stop printing money and let the markets fall along with social mood. This will then politically advantage whatever GOP Wall Street whore is running against Obama, providing the oil price wiggle room necessary for attacking Iran to try and regain political advantage (and preserve the reserve status of the US dollar a bit longer), plus allow the Fed the inflation margin needed for more money printing so that the financial/military/industrial complex can again plunder the people. Hang-on, because they will eventually lose control of the wild market ride ahead, either on this down leg of the shortening cycles or one soon after. For a preview of what you have to look forward to, or quite possibly worse, read "When Money Dies" by Adam Fergusson.

China’s Economy and the Soft versus Hard Landing Debate, Acting Man
excellent Austrian school assessment of China's economy, which is linked at the hip to Australia...
Recession Hits Australia; 21st Monthly Decline in Construction; Service Sector in Contraction, New Orders Plunge; Ring, Ring Goes The Bell, Mish Shedlock

Athens' Pitifully Hollow Warning to Bond Holdouts; Self-Serving, Misguided Hype by IIF on "Implications of a Disorderly Greek Default and Euro Exit", Mish Shedlock
but the threats aren't even working on its own subjects...
At Least 4 Greek Pension Funds, Including That Of Police, Refuse To Go Ahead With PSI, Zero Hedge
as the wire approaches...
One Day Ahead Of PSI Deadline, IIF Can Only Account For 39% Of Greek Bondholders, Zero Hedge

ECB Surpasses €3 Trillion, Still Most Undercapitalized Hedge Fund In The World, Zero Hedge
which is why...
European Banks Now Face Huge Margin Calls As ECB Collateral Crumbles, Zero Hedge

Explaining The European €2.5 Trillion Liquidity Catch 22 Closed Loop, Zero Hedge

6 Mar 12

Crude Oil – Nothing to Spare, Acting Man

A Few Market Observations, Acting man
it's degraded to nothing but an all the same Pavlovian market, responding only to the money printers who are now quite thoroughly puzzled and boxed in by inflation with little to no growth. The indications in recent days of the presses taking a rest is all you need to know..

McCain Calls For US To Lead Effort To Begin Syrian Air Strikes, Zero Hedge
evil sociopathology personified

IIF's Doomsday Memorandum Revealed: Disorderly Greek Default To Cost Over €1 Trillion, Zero Hedge
IIF Steering Committee Holds Only 20% Of Greek Bonds Subject To PSI, Zero Hedge
only surprise is the number of those (banksters) not being smaller, driving a bad deal down the throats of the large majority, speaking of which...
More PSI Troubles: Greek Swiss Franc Bondholders Organize, Will Hold Out, Zero Hedge
Greek 1-Year Bond Yield Hits 1,006%, Mish Shedlock

No ‘Leeway’ for Spain’s Deficit, but Deficit to Grow Anyway – Plus Credit Market Watch, Acting Man

Eurozone Services and Composite PMI Back in Contraction; Italy, Spain, France at New Lows, Mish Shedlock

Report Shows Netherlands Would Benefit by Leaving Eurozone; Country by Country Aggregate Costs; Dutch Freedom Party Wants Euro Exit Referendum; Critical Juncture for Eurozone, Mish Shedlock

Chris Martenson: Japan Is Now Another Spinning Plate In The Global Economy Circus, Zero Hedge

De-Investifying China, Zero Hedge

5 Mar 12

Futures Slide On Euro Service PMI Miss, Lower China Growth Target, New Irish Bailout, ECB Deposit Facility Surge, Zero Hedge
overnight summary of reports and the epoch fail of the ECB's LTROs

Everything That's Wrong With Everything,
in a nutshell, and everything else is a symptom of this and the desperation to retain control by the sociopaths that call themselves government

Bill Hicks - Voice Of Reason In A Mad World,
includes an outstanding video. I agree with his economic comments from the standpoint that all those things would indeed happen if the sociopaths who call themselves government weren't looting the people. The vast wealth they steal and resulting destruction of productive capability (capital) could, without government, instead go to productive private enterprise that would raise the economic standing of everyone more than the vast majority can even imagine.

Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic, Chalmers A. Johnson (2007)
Just finished this outstanding book and recommend it very highly. Check out this review by Anthony Gregory on

4 Mar 12

Presenting The Truth Behind America's Fiscal And Employment Picture, Zero Hedge
and the unbalances and mal-investment caused by government/Fed are a guarantee of much worse ahead...
Excessive Channel Stuffing Forces GM To Halt Chevy Volt Production, Fire 1,300, Zero Hedge
Government Motors providing no real surprises for those who understand what government is really good for

Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei Leads In Iran Parliamentary Election, As Iran Announces Huge Oil Field Discovery, Zero Hedge
helping to explain the latest propaganda campaign
North Korea Has Allegedly Tested Nuclear Warheads For Iran, Zero Hedge
the sociopaths who call themselves government keep beating the drums of  mass murder and theft of natural resources louder to enrich the fascist military/industrial/financial complex while enslaving the living and unborn people under the associated debt while destroying what little remains of their freedom

Brazil Declares New Currency War on US and Europe; Japan Losing Balance of Trade Battle, Mish Shedlock
how long before the sociopaths who call themselves US government intensify their economic warfare against Brazil or initiate regime change for resisting the evil empire like Libya who dared to dump the US dollar for international transactions

Eurozone Wrapup: Unemployment Rate 10.7%, Highest Since 1999; Manufacturing PMI Contracts 7th Month; German Retail Sales Unexpectedly Fall, Mish Shedlock

Americans Will Need “Black Markets” To Survive,
food for thought. Consider a food cooperative to start your move away from the big corporate fascists connected to government...
Directory of Local Food Cooperatives, OK Food Cooperative

We’re All Lawbreakers Now, Lew Rockwell
"Mr. X talks to Lew Rockwell about America’s injustice system"
Let’s Talk About Freedom, Lew Rockwell
another outstanding interview

3 Mar 12

iFoodstamps, Zero Hedge
another record

Public Pension Ponzi Scheme; New York Cities Borrow From Pension Plan to Make Contributions, Mish Shedlock
if it wasn't government doing it, it would be unbelievable

Bank of America Clash with Fannie Mae Intensifies; Insurance Disputes Put Taxpayers On the Hook For Still More Losses, Mish Shedlock

A Treaty Only Its Mothers Can Love, Acting Man
real-time history: chronicling the collapse of the EU

Bankster Operative Left Speechless by Irish Journalist, Economic Policy Journal
not new, but priceless

Before Death Breitbart Planned to Air Obama Tapes, Economic Policy Journal

Japan Invents Speech-Jamming Gun, Economic Policy Journal
wonder how it works on hand gestures toward the government

2 Mar 12

Happy Birthday Murray Rothbard!, Economic Policy Journal
If you're not familiar with Rothbard, you've missed out on the last century's greatest author on economics and liberty. There are several of his best works listed on the "Learn More About Liberty, Austrian Economics & History" page of this site. "For A New Liberty" and "What Has Government Done To Our Money?" are the two I recommend most often.

Ron Paul Revolution: THE GREAT AWAKENING, Daily Paul

Two Thirds Of All Nevada Mortgages Are Underwater, Zero Hedge
plus, in RE news...
Capturing Sarkozy's Close Encounter Of The Third Estate Kind, Acting Man
don't miss the video, and the bit at the end about Fannie Mae stealing another $4.5 Billion from taxpayers

ISM Misses Big, Zero Hedge
Serious Evidence of Developing Price Inflation, Economic Policy Journal

Inflation Is a Tax and the Federal Reserve Is Taxing the Living Daylights Out of Us, Lew Rockwell

About Those High Gasoline Prices… Look Again, Zero Hedge
with so much more printed money, they could easily go a LOT higher...
Saudi Oil Pipelines Destroyed In Explosion, Sends Crude Soaring, Zero Hedge
Photo Of Pipeline Fire And Map Of Awamiya Region, Zero Hedge
interesting how the mainstream financial media was so slow to report this, and the Saudis even denied it...
Here Comes The Saudi Denial, Zero Hedge
because a spike in oil prices is the perfect way to destroy their much touted "recovery", which is really just price inflation that's not properly compensated in the government's own calculations...
Reality Check: The Fiat Dollar is the Real Reason for High Gas Prices, Daily Paul
However, it looks like the Fed has hatched a new plan to keep their preciously insane stock bubble inflated...
Next Leg Of The Ponzi Revealed - Foreign Central Banks To Begin Buying US Stocks Outright Starting Today, Zero Hedge
Along with sooooo much the Fed has done since 2008, the flip-side of this could also easily become a deflationary panic...

9/11 Commissioner and Co-Chair of Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 Say in Sworn Declarations that Saudi Government Linked to 9/11 Attacks, Washington's Blog
but instead the government attacked Iraq and now Iran and protects Saudi Arabia

President Obama's Lies Regarding U.S. Dependency On Foreign Oil, Mish Shedlock
in case you saw the media propaganda on this

John Taylor Warns Of A "Highly Disastrous, Totally Uncontrollable Inflationary Conflagration", Zero Hedge
couldn't agree more, "All this money sloshing around is nothing but kindling. This is enough to start one hell of a large inflationary fire, but probably not until we have a deflationary panic first – which will add even more kindling to the pile." Here is how the socialist/fascist government operation of an auto manufacturer could easily cause a deflationary panic in auto prices, and kill of the better run companies not so connected to government...
GM Channel Stuffing Soars To All Time High, Zero Hedge

No ‘Credit Event’ in Greece Just Yet – Credit Market Watch, March 1, Acting Man

Government Power Being Used to Stifle Dissent … Not to Keep Us Safe, Washington's Blog
Why do the vast majority of people not take an active stand against this. If even 2% of the people took an active stand in the streets against this, it would end

Capturing Sarkozy's Close Encounter Of The Third Estate Kind, Zero Hedge
meanwhile, Ron Paul doesn't even feel the need for secter service protection...
Jay Leno - Ron Paul does not need Secret Service, Daily Paul

1 Mar 12

How to Clear Your Google Browsing and Video History Before the New Google “Privacy” Policy Is Implemented, Washington's Blog
do this first thing today to destroy the government's ability to download your internet history and monitor it going forward. You should also block cookies for the search engines you use and delete the cookies they have already created. Mores suggestions are in Six Tips to Protect Your Search Privacy

Only 54% Of Young Adults In America Have A Job, Zero Hedge

Iran’s Head Religious Leader: The Production, Possession, Use or Threatened Use of Nuclear Weapons Is a “Great Sin”, Washington's Blog
in case you had any doubt that the sociopaths who call themselves government are lying about Iran and nuclear weapons. Hopefully sanity will prevail when also considering...
81% of Israelis Oppose Unilateral Strike on Iran, Washington's Blog

Ron Paul To Ben Bernanke: "People Lose Trust In The Government Because You Lie To Them About Inflation", Zero Hedge
straight shootin' is the reason why...
Ron Paul Defeats Obama In Head To Head Polling, Zero Hedge
both guns are blazin' now...
New Ron Paul Ad Goes After Gingrich, Santorum and Romney, Economic Policy Journal

The Relentless Household Deleveraging In Charts, Zero Hedge

The myth of the eight-hour sleep, BBC (hat tip Lew Rockwell)
for me this explains a LOT

Gold Plunges Over $100; Some Blame Bernanke; What Did He Say? Nothing (However, I have 5 Different Interpretations of Nothing), Mish Shedlock
Kremlin 'er Fed watchin' summary

The Secret Media War Of 2012,
one of the most important for your freedom
in case you missed it, here is The Speech That Probably Got Judge Napolitano Fired which is referenced in the article

China Dumps $100+ Billion In USTs In December Per Revised TIC Data; UK Is Now Russia's Shadow Buyer, Zero Hedge

Greek Bank Deposit Outflows Soar In January, Third Largest Ever, Zero Hedge
they will be forced to declare a bank holiday soon to stop the bleedin' and exit the euro

Judge Napolitano: Geithner Could Face Criminal Charges, Economic Policy Journal
especially if Ron Paul wins

State Of Virginia Has Nullified The NDAA,
we need a lot more of this

Large Coalition Asks for Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize to Be Rescinded, Washington's Blog
this would be brilliant



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AE911Truth Experts Speak Out,
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Remember Building 7 and also...
Bush and Clinton Counter-Terrorism Czar Alleges Massive 9/11 Cover Up

then, reflect upon any trust in US government

Debt - (what it will be in 2015)
countdown to the collapse of the US empire
Military Spending Comparisons
comprehending the cost of mass murder

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Gonzalo Lira: A Thought Experiment – Iran

Iran Propaganda Debunked in Under 7-Minutes
     here is the other part of the video

Is the U.S. Government Planning War to Quell the Tide of Economic Unrest?, Lew Rockwell



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First a couple of short videos
On the Dark Side in Al Doura - A Soldier in the Shadows, Pulse TV

So You Want To Enlist!, Daily Paul

Top Secret Army Video The Pentagon Won't Release, YouTube

Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man, YouTube
(pardon the Arabic captioning)

Next, a classic short paper as food for thought
War, Peace, and the State By Murray N. Rothbard, from the Ludwig von Mises Institute
to help maintain the moral compass

What modern war is like for the soldiers:
No True Glory: A Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah, by Bing West

The Good Soldiers, by David Finkel

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